Taal Academy of Dance

Shuchi Buch

Founder and Executive Director

Taal’s Executive Director, Ms. Shuchi Buch has more than 20 years of experience teaching, choreographing and performing Indian classical Bharatnatyam dance She is a classically trained, professional Bharatnatyam dancer and directed a nationally renowned dance company in India. Shuchi is Visharad and has masters in Bharatnatyam Dance, trained under Kalaguru Elakshiben Thakor, and Niraben Shah Nrityabharti, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She has also been guided by legendary dancer Guru Rama Vaidyanathan.

She has conducted classical and folk dance workshops, and has vast experience of teaching dance to children and youth. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her performances and choreographies in dance festivals across India and USA.

She is a confirmed artist of Small Plates Choreography Festival. She and her students have performed in Flower Mart Festival, Art all nights, Washington DC, Shiva Vishnu temple, Greater Temple Baltimore Maryland. She and her students have performed on television in India, in international dance festivals and have received top awards. She also teaches Bollywood, contemporary, Garba, and folk to children, teens, and adults. Her passion is dance and her goal is to share it with her community.

  • Mata Kalika.
  • "TAT TVAM ASI "!
    तत त्वम असि तत त्रयोदिशे
    मम भाव विश्व त्रयोरूपे ।
    तव स्नेह,सख्य,समर्पयते
    तत त्वम असि तत त्रयोदिशे ।
  • Bharatnatyam Ballet :
    • Nand Gher Anand Bhayo
    • Shanti Madhurya
  • Come Krishna Quickly -The Dream of Radha
  • Padam- Jagne Jadava Krishna govaliya
  • Shlokam -Kasturi tilakamla latpatale
  • Contemporary Dance
    • Water Maareva
    • Five elements
  • Choreography of 100 students with Diyas and Manjira
  • Choreography of Indian Folk Dances : Garba, Gof, Raas, Dangi Dance, Punjabi Bhangra etc..
  • Small plates choreography festival newburgh, New York.
  • Small plates choreography festival Virginia.
  • Jenney school, Oyster school ,India School Showcase, Washington Dc and Maryland (2015-2016)
  • Performance at sri Shiva Vishnu Temple and Greater Baltimore Temple Maryland.
  • Performance at Flower mart festival Washington DC.
  • International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts (ICPFA), New Delhi, India (1st place in 2007 and 2008)
  • State level Dance competitions and Performances.
  • Folk Dance Competitions Ahmedabad, India (1st and 2nd place)
  • Classical Dance performances at Ahmedabad, India.
  • SAARC Festival, Bangalore, India
  • Selected for South Asian Invitational, Japan.
  • Indian television - Doordarshan.
  • Performance of Indian classical Bharatnatyam Dance by Shuchi Buch at Shivannand Ashram Ahmedabad , Gujarat ,India. (3rd Sep. 2018)

Nabeeha Hutchins

Outreach Director

Taal Academy’s Outreach Director is Nabeeha Kazi Hutchins. She is trained in modern (Graham Technique) and jazz dance (Luigi and Fosse Techniques) and has danced with the Jazzing Luis Molina Dance Company, Ema Pulido, Kansas State University Repertory Dance Company and REACH…a movement collective inc. She performed and choreographed for two decades in Mexico and the United States. Nabeeha is currently a Taal Academy student and performer. She handles Taal community outreach and performances, and student programming. When she isn’t dancing, she is directing an international development agency in Washington, DC, spending time with her children and travelling around the world.

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