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Bharatnatyam is a classic Indian dance form that consists of completing two levels for complete proficiency. Taal Academy offers Bharatnatyam training where students will learn the history of Bharatnatyam, proper technique of facial expressions, hand gestures and body movements, rhythm and melody.

According to Abhnaya Darpana the meaning of Bharatnatyam in Sanskrit is:

  • Bha: Bhav – expressions /emotions
  • Ra: Raag – Music/Melody
  • Ta: Taal – Rhythm
  • Nataym – Dance

Pillors of Bharatnatyam:

  • Nritta:
  • Nritya:
  • Natya:


According to Abhinaya Darpana Nritta is the illustration of rhythm through graceful body movements. It focuses on the importance placed on the acute synchronization between rhythm and time, with dance movements. Nrittais only rhythmic and graceful movements, or abstract dance. It has no poetic meaning to illustrate. Hand gestures, dance patterns, and concluding dance movements form the backbone of rhythmic dance or Nritta.Foot beats and dance poses are the real assets of movement, which are the essence of Nritta.


According to Abhinaya Darapana Nrittya is the illustration of poetry through graceful and designed movements or dance. Nrittya is when the dancer justifies the meaning of the song, through various bodily movements such as, facial expressions, hand and legs movements which were learned in the Nritta Natya.


The dramatic aspect of a stage performance, including spoken dialogue and mime, to convey meaning and enact narrative.

In addition to performing Nritta, and Nritya, the entirety of the dance atmosphere is created by various other aspects of expressional dance or abhinaya.

Course of Bharatnatyam will be deveide in two level

Level 1  Children and youth will learn the basic steps of Bharatnatyam, Ganeshvandana, Alaripu and Jathiswaram. Students will receive a certificate after completion of first level.

Level 2  Children and youth will learn Varnam, Padam and Thillana.

Upon completion of level 2 students will get the certificate of completing the whole course of classical Bharatnatyam dance.

Students will have an opportunity to perform an Arangetral after the completion of the full course of bharatnatyam.

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Taal Academy of Dance is opening a new Branch of Indian classical Bharatntyam Dance from Friday September 14th 2018 @ Takoma Park , MD .

Studio Location 1  City dance pop - 4435 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

Day & Time - Time 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM Bharatnatyam classes every Sunday. Fees: $240/-

Studio Location 2  Roda Movments- 7014 Westmoreland Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Day & Time - Time -5.00 PM to 6.00 PM Bharatnatyam Class every Friday. Fees: $240/-

For registration email us on taalinfodc@gmail.com

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